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How to Get a Custom Skin on Minecraft Xbox One

In this post I'm going to show you how you can get custom skins on your minecraft xbox one in just few simple steps. Custom skins are something everyone wants especially on Xbox One edition. The skins on Xbox One right now you have to purchase and you have a limited selection of them. I have found a way to get custom skins on Minecraft Xbox One keep readig to find out how!

How to Get a Custom Skin on Minecraft Xbox One

Ever wonder how you can get custom skins For Minecraft on Xbox One? Look no further, for this article will be dealing with the topic of how to get a Custom Skin on Minecraft Xbox One! Keep reading below to know more

Getting a custom skin

Step 1:

On the Xbox One's home screen, press Y on your Xbox controller and search for MC Addons manager. Once you find it, just install it. MC Addons Manager is an application for maintaining all the addons for Minecraft downloaded by you, it can greatly help you in keeping your innumerable list of addons organized and help in the installation of others.

Step 2:

Once you are done with installing MC Addons Manager, open up the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox One and go to mcdlspot.com, which includes some of the best custom Minecraft skins. Go to the skins section and install the pack you want to (Specifically, for this post I'll be downloading the skin pack based on the famous(or infamous) stick animations from Youtube or Newgrounds called 'Stickman pack').

Step 3:

Keep Scrolling down all the way to the bottom till you come across the 'Downloads' section, click on 'Download all Stickman skins pack color.'

Step 4:

Start-up MC addons manager > click on import and import either this or any other custom Minecraft skins you have downloaded.

Step 5:

Now sign out of your Xbox network (formerly called Xbox Live) account. After that sign back into your Xbox One console. After this launch your Minecraft.

Step 6:

Click on 'Play' and Xbox login Minecraft account. After your account is successfully loaded, click on profile > edit character > owned. Through this way, you will be able to see all the custom Minecraft skins for Xbox One you have downloaded so far.

Now, this should be more than enough to clear your confusion regarding How to get a Custom Skin on Minecraft Xbox One. If you have issues with getting custom skins on your Minecraft Xbox one, then backtrack and redo the steps carefully.

These skins will only work in multiplayer worlds and realms.

Feel free to ask any questions down below!