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Onix Client For Mobile!

Onix Client For Mobile!
Onix Client For Mobile!


Onix UI is a resource pack that changes your vanilla bedrock ui into something new and unique. This is an original ui made by me , its also not finished....( Ill be adding pause screen ui and more improvements )

Onix UI Preview:

( For now only the main menu ui has changed , ill be adding and changing more stuff in the future )


Main Menu UI :

  • Custom Start Button ( Changes the look if hovered )
  • Static Player Doll
  • Circle Profile Picture
  • Overall a clean looking main menu ui...


GUI scale friendly :

  • Works well with smaller GUI scales



Onix UI V2:


New Main Menu UI:


  • This is an original ui by me , do not copy this kind of ui ....
  • This UI is not finished , for now only the main menu ui has changed. I plan on adding more stuff in the future...

Select version for changelog:


New main menu and pause menu ui. Dont forget to republish....