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How to install Pixelmon on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock

Want to catch 'em all blocky style on your PS4? Look no further, for here you will be shown the way to Installing Pixelmon mod on your Minecraft Bedrock Edition for PS4

How to install Pixelmon on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock

How to install Pixelmon on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock

If you had a childhood filled with gaming, then you certainly must understand the line ‘Gotta catch ‘em all’ really well, for Pixelmon for Minecraft is essentially that.  A mod with several aspects of Pokemon integrated into it including Pokeballs and encounters with Pokemons themselves, you can even catch them.

Now, you may be wondering, how can you install Pixelmon on Minecraft Bedrock Edition for PS4? This article will be dealing with the topic of How to install Pixelmon on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock.

Getting the Pixelmon Mod

There are two methods for installing the Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft Bedrock, they are:

  • Lan game Method
  • Realm Method

You might be wondering, what is a lan game exactly? A lan game is basically the game on the same server as in an internet connection.

 Say, if you are playing a Minecraft Server on your Xbox One, then you or someone else would be able to join the Xbox One server from a Windows 10 device and such. In simple terms, this is kind of a cross-play function.

The realm method, on the other hand, is much simpler to do as you can simply download a mod and put it in the realm.

Both of these methods will involve utilizing Windows 10 in letting you know how to install Pixelmon on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock, let’s go then!

Downloading Pixelmon

To download the Pixelmon mod, do the following:

  1. Head over to MCDLSpot.com, the site for all your Minecraft modding needs
  2. Click on the search icon

  3. Search for ‘Project Pixelmon’
  4. Open the page that comes and scroll down till you find the downloads

  5. Click on ‘Download Resource MCPack’ This will bring you to a linkvertise page, just complete the steps mentioned there
  6. After completing the required steps on the linkvertise page, you will be redirected to Mediafire, download the file from there.
  7. Go back to Project Pixelmon mod page and click on ‘Download Behavior MCPack’
  8. Simply double click on the packs you have downloaded assuming you have Minecraft installed on your Windows 10 PC, double clicking the packs will automatically open up Minecraft and import the packs into the game
  9. While Minecraft is open, click on Play > Create New > Create New world
  10. Click on ‘Research Packs’ under Add-Ons, click on ‘My Packs’ and activate your Pixelmon mod, there won’t be a need to do anything for Behaviour Packs as the behaviour pack for Pixelmon will already be activated

Note: Make sure that you have enabled the experimental gameplay mode features such as ‘Holiday Creator Features’, ‘Creation of Custom Biomes’ and ‘Additional Modding Capabilities’ along with ‘Upcoming Creator Features’.

If you don’t enable them, the mod won’t work correctly. Also make sure that both the Behaviour and Resource packs are installed.

Once the mod has started, follow the steps the game tells you such as choosing a starter Pokemon. After you have done that, proceed to the next part.

Installing Pixelmon for Minecraft Bedrock PS4

This part will be slightly complicated, carefully follow the steps below to successfully install Pixelmon for Minecraft Bedrock PS4:

  1. Open up Minecraft on your Windows 10 and click on ‘Play’, once you are in the realm section, click on the edit button next to any realm that you are not intending to use

  1. Click on ‘Replace World’, you will be given an option to select the realm you want to replace your current realm with, choose the Add-On realm you previously created to replace the current one with, wait for the upload. Do remember that you might get some errors, so just keep trying again or go back a step or two, click on ‘Let’s Go!’ once the upload is done
  1. Load up the realm at least once on your Windows 10 PC
  2. Load up Minecraft Bedrock on your PS4 and select ‘Play’
  3. Assuming your Lan game is set up, Scroll down on your ‘Friends’ tab and select the world you created on your Windows 10 PC, make sure the world is also running on your PC, you will get a prompt regarding the download of World resource packs, simply accept and let it download

  4. Once that is finished, the logo of the Minecraft screen will automatically change to ‘Pixelmon’ and load up the game

And there you have it, your query as to how to install Pixelmon on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock has been more or less solved, you may possibly have to follow the steps a bit more carefully or backtrack if you encounter an error, but these steps will work once you get them right.