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Minecraft Enhanced Release (1.17 and Birthday Update)

Minecraft Enhanced is a texture pack that focuses on improving the game's quality, making it more enjoyable to play, and adding more variety and realism to your worlds. Hello to everyone. I'm glad to see you again after almost 3 or 2 months of inactivity with my texture pack, and I'm pleased to announce the full release of Minecraft Enhanced.

Minecraft Enhanced Release (1.17 and Birthday Update)

By SpiderGamer1843

The first most obvious change in this update is the stone which has been completely redesigned to make it more pleasant to be in the caves.


The minerals did not stay, these also underwent changes, not all but well

The ores with the most changes are the iron, which now uses the texture it had in the 21w08a with fully custom variants made from scratch, copper, which also had changes but not in its vanilla texture but now has variants made from scratch, carbon, which had no variants in the previous version but now has all its variants like the rest, and the lazuli pencil, which had a redesign in two of its ores.

Deepslate ores also had the same changes as normal ores.

Inventory icons have been redesigned again now they use 3D blocks and objects for a better experience when viewing your inventory.

The interface of the fully designed brewing stand has been improved to make viewing potion recipes more convenient (by Bedrock Tweaks).

Because I was not convinced by their previous design, the hearts and hunger were completely changed and are now the same as in Minecraft vanilla:

Normal Hearts

Wither Health

Poison Hearts

Absortion Hearts

Frezee Hearts

An animation was added for all furnaces

Changed Flower Pot

Resprited Bows and Crossbows

Resprited all swords

Improved wood tools

\Improved Stone tools

Clean Tinted Glass

Improved Stone Brick textures

Improved Elytra texture

Improved Netherite Armor and Netherite Scrap texture

Improved and Fixed Rain