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Minecraft Addons

Project Pixelmon (Pokemon Addon For Bedrock) Battle Update!

Welcome to the world of Pokémon in this addon you can Catch, Train and evolve over 46 different Pokémon. Project Pixelmon is one of the leading Pokémon addons on the Bedrock edition. This addon has a basic battle system, a fully working level system (Level 1-100) , and an evolution system according to the levels they evolve at. This addon also has its own GUI system where you can send out your Pokémon and return them!

Project Pixelmon (Pokemon Addon For Bedrock) Battle Update!

Showcase Video

Pokemon have levels displayed with their boss bars

Pokemon Learn New Moves as they level Up


Use The Pokemon Anvil to craft Most items in the game from tools/armor to Pokeballs and even evolution stones, to say the least, this thing is useful.

Potion Maker

Allows you to craft potions to heal your Pokemon and craft Rare Candies. This can be crafted in the anvil

Items that can be crafted with Potion Maker

Rare candies can be used to Level Up your Pokemon

Poke Centers spawn in the plains biome

They are Not just empty useless structures they contain a healer and PC in them

What are Healers exactly? Good question they heal your Pokemon when they are unable to battle simply click on the healer and it will heal all  your Pokemon

PC Storage System

They can be found in Poke Centers.

They can also be crafted in the anvil

When interacting with the PC with The GUI Item a menu appears then select the Pokemon you want to store in the PC you will be given an item so you can put another Pokemon in its place.

When interacting with one of the items above you can select a slot to place it in. It will be able to be sent out again via your GUI Item.

Apricorn Trees can be found everywhere

They grow over time in 6 stages

They can be chopped down when they are fully grown with any type of axe

The trees grow much faster when you use a Wailmer Tree

The trees when fully grown drop apricorns and seeds. These Apricorns are used to make Poke Balls

Poke Ball Recipe

Great Ball Recipe

Ultra Ball Recipe

Poke Balls are Throwable

Poke Balls Have a chance To Fail

Catch Rates

Poke Balls 30/70 Chance

Great Ball Chance 45/55

Ultra Ball 70/30

Master Ball 100/1

Evolution System

Pokemon evolve according to there level

Pokemon who evolve with stones will need to be Level 35 then you can use the proper evolution stone to evolve them

When Starting a new world You Will have to pick a Starter Pokemon

After Choosing your starter you will receive 5 Potions and 5 Poke Balls

This Addon has a fully working GUI System built-in

Pokemon can be sent out

When sending Out Pokemon You Must tame them with the Instant Tame Tool

They can also be returned


They can be found across the world. They spawn at their first evolution. Currently, there are 13 Pokemon in the wild


Can be found in the Savanah Biome and Plains Biome
Turtwig evolves at level 18 into Grotle

Grotle evovles at level 32 into Tortera

Turtwig is one of the starters you can choose


Can be found in the Desert Biome
Is one of the starer Pokemon
Chimchar evoles at level 14 into Monferno
Monferno eovles at level 36 into Infernape


Can be found near rivers
Evovles at level 16 into Prinplup
Prinplup evovles at level 34 into Empoleon


Can be found in most Biomes
Evovles at Level 18 into Pidgeotto
Then at Level 36 into Pidgeot

Pidgeot can be flown on


Can be found near rivers
Evolves at level 33


Riolu can be found in the extreme Hills Biome Knows tackle

Riolu evovles at level 35


Can be found in every biome

Evolves at level 15 into Luxio
Then at level 30 into Luxray


Can be found in just about every biome. Bidoof evovles at level 15 into bibarel


Can be found in the jungle biome and evolves at level 32 in Aimbipom


Can be found in the Forest Bime

Caterpie evolves at level 7 into Metapod

Metapod evovles at level 10 into Butterfree


Can be found in the Swamp Biome
Weedle evovles at level 7 into Kakuna

Kakuna eovles at level 10 into Beedrill


Can be found in the Taiga Biome
Evolves with 8 different evolution stones at Level 35


Pichu can be found in every biome. It evolves at level 20 with a friendship stone

Pikachu evolves at level 35 with a thunderstone


Can be found in the swamp Biome

Gastly evolves at level 25 into Haunter

Haunter evolves at Level 40 into Gengar


Gible can be found in the Desert Biome. Evolves at level 24 into Gabite

Gabite evolves at level 48 into Garchomp. It can be flown on.


Zubat can be found in caves with a light level lower than 4 and a y-axis under 63. Zubat knows tackle and evolves at level 22

Golbat knows tackle and poison sting and it evolves at level 40

Crobat knows tackle and toxic. It can be flown on


Can be found in the Mountain Biome evolves at level 28 into Machoke

Machoke evolves at level 40 into Machamp


Geodude can be found underground and knows tackle

Geodude evolves at level 25 into Graveler

Graveler knows tackle and rock slide evolves at level 40

Golem Knows tackle and Rockslide


Buizel can be found in the beach Biome and knows tackle

Buizel evolves at level 26 into Floatzel


Can be found in the Messa Biome

Growlithe can evolve into Arcanine at level 35 with a firestone 

Arcanine is Rideable


Can be found in beach biomes
Krabby evovles into Kingler at level 28


Can be found in the Jungle Biome evolves at level 45 into Honchkrow


Skorupi can be found in the forest and Tiga Biomes
Skorupi evovles at level 40 into drapion

Drapion knows tackle poison sting and toxic


Does Not evolve yet. Can be found in the Mountain Bime


Can is found in the Snowy Mountains it is rare spawning at level 50 always.

Articuno knows blizzard ice beam and tackle 

It can only be caught with an Ultra, or master ball.


Knows Psychic, tackle and hyper beam

Mewtwo can not be found in the wild yet!

It can only be caught with a Masterball or Ultra Ball


Can be found all over the world

Custom ores

Bauxite Ore can be found in every Biome. Smelt in a blast furnace to make Aluminum Ingots

Leaf Stone Ore can be found in the Forest, Jungle, Plains Biome

Dawn Stone Ore can be found in the Plains Biome

Silicon can be found everywhere

SunStone ore can be found In the desert and Messa

Fire Stone Ore can be Found In deserts and Messa

Dusk Ore can be found in the swamp biome

Water Stone spawns in oceans Biomes

Thunder Stone Ore spawns in Mountain and Hills Biomes

Moon Stone Spawns in  the Mountain Biome

Armor Sets can be made from these ores along with evolution stones

Installation Please Have Experimental Gameplay On!

Changelog v1.5

  • Machop evolution Line added
  • Aipom evolution line added
  • Murkrow evolution line added
  • Potions are now stackable
  • Trainers have been added
  • Dawnstone Pickaxe fixed so it does not have 1,000 attack damage
  • Pokeball cooldown removed
  • Pokeball throwing sound added back
  • Buizel Spawn level changed from 28 to level 10 to be able to evolve into Floatzel
  • Articuno spawn rate decreased even more

Changelog v1.5.5

  • Moved Menu to the left side of screen since new update broke animation controllers
  • Lowered Trainer Spawn Rates
  • Fixed Pokemon not evolving 
  • Fixed Slot 1 and 2 having the same level even if they were different levels
  • Fixed Tame Tol Duplication Glitch
  • Lowered Articuno Spawn rate even more

If you want to help with Project Pixelmon join the discord

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