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Honey Client 2.0

Honey Client 2.0 is out, with new mods and UI features.

Honey Client 2.0
Honey Client 2 Logo

Woah its already here! Honey Client V2 has several new changes to the game and new updates from the old one. Here are just a few.

The first thing you will notice is the new start screen! The backround has changed (No I didn't make it) and there are newly styled buttons! You can actually change how these buttons look with the subpacks slider.

Next up we have freelook! Simply shift and you can rotate your camera around your body. This is not actual freelook, your character will still walk in the way your camera is pointing, but I thought it would be a fun challenge to take on and create in a texture pack!

This pack also adds 3d projectiles such as 3d snowballs and ender pearls. It is also compatible with other texture packs.

We also finally have a custom pause screen! (This is with a different UI subpack) You can also see the new font that has been added - Montserrat. There is a skin viewer on the left side and a player list on the left. There is also a nice little logo on the very top to finish it all off!

There are also several fps improvements so things like lag machines on servers will not crash your game and you can get an overall higher fps!

Here is a download link, if you do open the file, please read the README.txt file, thanks!