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Waving Leaves and Water! V5.1

Waving Leaves and Water! V5.1

Vanilla minecraft isn't that much lively but this pack will give leaves , plants, flowers,crops and water a waving animation which looks pretty cool and lively. It is also pretty FPS friendly so those who cannot use shaders should probably use this!

Some of the blocks have a waving animation while others have flipbook animations. The waving stuff only works on mobile and the flipbook animations work on all devices

Shader waving for:

-Vines,Tall fern,fern,Tall grass,grass,all leaves except jungle and azalea, stems of melon and pumpkin, all crops, nether wart, sea grass, tall sea grass. Water and Underwater waving.

Flipbook animations for:

- All flowers and tall flowers, all saplings, lilypad, bamboo leaves, berry bush, all nether foliage, drip leaves, glow berry vines, spore blossom, potted versions of these plants.

Watch this video to see all the waving animations: 


Important info!

•Fix Invisible world:

This problem is caused when you import the shader incorrectly.

Do not manually put the .mcpack file in Resource pack folder, first delete it from there then just tap on the downloaded .mcpack file and if it asks, select open with minecraft. Minecraft will turn on and it will automatically import. If it is not showing minecraft to open with then open the .mcpack file through a file explorer: hold the file, go to options and select open with/open as then select minecraft. Now try it in a new world or for old worlds with this shader: apply in global resources and remove it from the world resources.

•Shader waving only works on Android/Ios. Flipbook animations work on all platforms.

•You can turn off the flipbook animations from the GEAR icon after applying.

•Azalea leaves and jungle leaves dont wave as they aren't considered proper foliage by the game.

•The reason I had to use FLIPBOOK ANIMATIONS is because currently when waving is added to flowers and other plants, it causes all other half-blocks like doors,lanterns etc to wave as well. So to avoid that i used flipbook animations of 64x resolution.

Terms of use!

If you want to use the pack in a Youtube video, then give the link to MCPEDL page ,not the direct link or custom link.

•This pack only belongs to MCPEDL and you are not allowed to publish it on ANY other website without my permission. 

•Feel free to use the shader file (renderchunk.vertex) in your creations as long as you share the link to this page in your description. Usage of any of the textures/flip book animations is NOT allowed.

If you dont follow, I WILL find you and sue you.

Please report any bugs,give suggestions or contact me on my Youtube or Discord: Fused Bolt#9525. 

Support my creations on Patreon!


Select version for changelog:


V5.1: Bug fix

Fixed the bug which gave sugar canes the missing tile texture when the flipbook animations were turned off.


When you click on the link, you will be redirected to Linkvertise, scroll down then click on Free Access with Ads. You will be sent to another page then click on View Articles and wait for 10 seconds. Then click on X and click on Continue then you will be redirected to Mediafire from there download the pack and open it , it will automatically import to your mc.

If you cannot pass through the link or need ANY help then contact me on discord. Fused Bolt#9525