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Skin Packs

Winter Skin Pack | 40 Skins

Winter is almost here and it's time to get cozy with this skin pack! It includes 20 boy skins and 20 girl skins that you can use on any server you want! The total number of skins is 40.

Winter Skin Pack | 40 Skins

My Skin Pack is available on all versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, like Mobile, XBOX, and PC! You will find a list of the skins in this skin pack down below!

I would really appreciate some feedback since this is the first skin pack that I publish on this website! You can request skins and skin packs in the comment section, which is located under the Download Section.


To install both versions of the skin pack, the first step is to get through the links. The first thing you want to do is click "Free Access with Ads" and then "Discover interesting articles". No, you don't have to read the articles, just press the X on the top right corner and then press it again after 5 seconds. Then, click "Continue to Website" and you will reach the Mediafire page, in which you can download the file.

To install the .mcpack, you just have to open it up and it should lead you to Minecraft and import the skin pack automatically. To install the .zip, you have to extract the contents of the file you downloaded into your skin_packs folder. If you don't know where that is located, search it up. I highly recommend using the .mcpack for my skin packs.