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How to get Shaders for Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition in 2021

In this post I'm going to tell you how you can get shaders for Minecraft PS4 bedrock edition in just few simple steps.

How to get Shaders for Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition in 2021

How to get shader packs for Minecraft PS4 bedrock edition in 2021.

Ever wanted to upgrade your Minecraft? You probably sometimes must feel tired of looking at the same ol' blocky textures, you might even be a graphics enthusiast who wants to play Minecraft with slightly more realistic graphics.

This is where shaders come, shaders are essentially graphics mods for Minecraft that serves to enhance the graphics of the game, but is it possible to get the shaders on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition? 
While the Sony Playstation 4 is certainly limited in lots of regards, there are still ways to overcome them.
This article will serve to answer the question of yours regarding How to get shader packs for Minecraft PS4 bedrock edition in 2021.

Getting the shaders

Step 1:

To get the shaders, log into your Windows 10 PC, go to mcdlspot.com, click on 'texture packs' and finally, click on 'Console Shaders' (Xbox One, PS4 supported).

Step 2:

Scroll all the way down till you reach the downloads section, click on both shiftery-shader-4-0.mcpack and vanillashaders links, this will take you to the linkvertise site, just complete the steps there and you will be taken to the Mediafire page for download.

Step 3:

Once you have downloaded the shader packs, double click shiftery-shader-4-0.mcpack, this will automatically open Minecraft. After game is launched, click on Play > Create new > Create new world. Click on Resources Pack. > My Packs, activate the shader packs you downloaded. Simply start the game session after that.

Step 4: 

After completing the steps on your Windows 10 PC, launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition on your PS4, after that, select Play > Friends, scroll all the way down to the LAN games, select it. This will start your Minecraft game session with the shader packs. Lan games are a sort of cross play feature available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, with this you can play on a server that is running on a Windows 10 PC from a PS4 or vice versa. 

Step 5:

To get the shader packs in a more permanent and precise manner, launch Minecraft on your Windows 10 PC, click on Play and find the world that you launched through PS4. Click on the edit icon, after doing that, click on the 'Replace World' option, Replace the the world with the add-on shader pack realm you created.

Step 6:

After completing the previous step, Open up Minecraft Bedrock Edition on your PS4. Select the Play button and press the edit icon of the realm you replaced, simply click download. You might possibly encounter some errors, so keep trying till the realm downloads.

Step 7:

After it is downloaded, click on the edit icon of the world you saved. Go to Resource Packs > My Packs and activate the shader packs you installed. After that, you are done. Select the 'Play' button. 

Get ready to play Minecraft with a new polish and shine, the visual polish will certainly enamor those who are great connoisseurs of realistic graphics. If you face any issues, simply backtrace and repeat the steps. Otherwise, these steps should be more than enough to solve as to how to get shader packs for Minecraft PS4 bedrock edition in 2021.

Feel free to ask any questions down below!

Download PS4 Shaders Here