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Origin Prisons (Realm)

Are you looking for a new prisons realm? do you like easy/new prisons gameplay? then join Origin Prisons Community Discord! Origin Prisons Is a Minecraft Prisons realm Community still in development, Set to launch July 10th with 2 Prisons Realms! We ask you to join in early. Our Prison realm will have many new systems compared to current prisons realms, like "Prison Backpack" - Upgrade your tier pick and inventory automatically with Skill points. Mine your way through 7 different mines and collect Tokens, Money, Skill Tokens, Multipliers, Tiers, and more. Prestige and Rebirth when completing your mine upgrades and backpack upgrades. fight your enemies in the Pvp mine, collect beacons and upgrade your perks automatically. Get keys and money bags by completing side quest and prestige quest. we are very excited to begin creating a community as we get closer to the realm release. You can expect to see frequent updates, teasers, and announcements as well as the chance to ask questions directly to the team on our Discord. The development of Origin Prisons will take some time. With a small team we will try our best to release it as soon as possible. All Realm links will be posted here. If you have any ideas for in game let us know on our discord before release.‏‏‎

Origin Prisons (Realm)
Origin Prisons Bedrock Realm

Main Spawn:

Normal Mine:

Over 7 different rank mines!

Prisons Backpack Uograde:

Pvp Mine: