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DestinyCraftPE is a bedrock network established in 2014. Since then we have been growing rapidly over the past few years and have expanded our gameplay.

+=[ Features ]=+
• VoteParty
• VoteRewards
• Cars
• Football
• Guns
• Daily Rewards
• Custom Enchants
• Prestige Mines & Rebirth system
• Donor mines
• In-game report system
• Buy additional perks from our store.

We offer the following gamemode(s):
- Prison 
- Factions 
- Roleplay
- Anarchy
- Skyblock 
- Minigames 

[+] What is Prisons?

In this gamemode, you are basically considered to be in a jail and put to work to make some cash until you're able to get out.

Most prisons usually contain mines from A-Z followed by prestiges P1-PX before you can beat the game or rebirth to do it all over again.

With each mine you unlock, you'll also unlock unique Custom Enchants which will be helpful in Factions. Playing prisons is the main income on this server.

[+] What is Factions?

Factions is a group/team of players under a name that strives to build a base and to become one of the toppest faction on the server.
There is a certain faction 'power' system, each time a member of your faction kills a player from another faction, your faction will gain a certain amount of power.
What is the use of this power?
Power is needed to claim lands and set your faction homes. It is also the basis of the top factions on which the faction with the highest power will be the #1 faction on the server.

[+] What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is basically what it is, to roleplay as a citizen of DC town/city. You can roleplay as any profession you want and there are Cars available with which you can drive around the town. Gun shops offer guns and there is a football court available near the Highschool where you can play football tournaments.

 Address: play.destinycraftpe.com

Port: 19132