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Ruine Der Untoten (COD Zombies Inspired)

This is my 2nd map that I have ever uploaded, it takes place right after the ending of Höhle Der Toten, aka my first map... If you finished the easter egg on that map, you will know that you went through a portal and teleported to the middle of a dessert, with a lost temple and the goal is to find your Dad's friend to try to help you with your mission to save the city of Berlin! There are 5 Functional Perks and 2 mystery boxes that are on at the same time! This map is also double the size of Höhle Der Toten :)

Ruine Der Untoten (COD Zombies Inspired)

Weapon Upgrader : Costs 50 Rotten Flesh

Mystery Box : Gives random weapon/item, costs 9 Rotten Flesh

Trials: Free, and gives you awards upon completion

House : Just the Jug Location

Spawn : Where you spawn... duh...

New Features :

  • Trials w/award system
  • Zombies will never lose track of you
  • New Perk
  • 2 Mystery Boxes with different odds
  • Double the size of Höhle Der Toten
  • 3 New Enemies
  • Map Exclusive Easter Egg
  • Map Exclusive Boss Fight
  • Map Exclusive Pack-a-Punch Machine

Main Easter Egg Quest Steps :

  1. Complete all trials
  2. Go to Pack-A-Punch Room located in House
  3. Open Chest in Pack-A-Punch Room and collect 2 wither skeleton skulls
  4. Summon Wither and Kill it
  5. Use Nether Star to open a portal to somewhere new
  • Doing the Easter Egg will show you a preview of my next map :)

Challenges just for fun :

  • Finish Round 18+ in the Arena without leaving at all
  • Finish Round 18+ in the Lost Temple without leaving at all
  • Survive Round 40 for 3+ Minutes
  • Kill The Wither without leaving the Lost Temple at all
  • Complete Round 39


  • If the direct download doesn't work, try Mediafire instead.

Before you play :

  • Please note that if you exploit the map, it doesn't affect me at all and you are just ruining the map for yourself and I really could care less
  • If not already, please put breaking blocks for all players off in the permissions menu
  • Please leave feedback in the comments, Thanks :) Also, tell me if there are issues with the map, and I will try to fix right away!