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MCPE/Bedrock Tameable Spiders!

MCPE/Bedrock Tameable Spiders!

Have you ever wanted more pets in Minecraft? Well then, this addon is for you! This addon makes it possible to tame spiders! This addon is still in alpha, so there may be some glitches.


To tame a spider, all you need are two things: raw mutton(which is obtained by killing a sheep or with commands) and a spider!  Simply feed the spider raw mutton until it's tamed. Note: The spider can be tempted using raw mutton. Also, if you go too far away, instead of teleporting to you, the spider with run to you. You might think this isn't a good idea, but when you see how fast the tamed spider is, you'll eat your words. You can also trade with the spider after you tame it.

Enjoy having your own pet spider!


Please don't judge me, this is my first Minecraft addon.

creator: User950827144678662453412


Tamed spiders can now trade items, simply right click them to access menu.


If you have any old versions of my addon then delete them and download the new link, it has been updated.