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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Poppy Playtime Map

MCPE/Bedrock Poppy Playtime Map

I present to you the Poppy Playtime map which is from the horror game. 

Poppy Playtime map there are multiple areas that you can check out and those areas are listed below

You were a former employee of Poppy Playtimes Factory. But you heard the mysterious disappearances of your colleagues. You tried to visit the factory to check it out.

(Please take note this map is not redstone and also not a Adventure map it is just a map)


There are multiple sections of the map (CHAPTER 1)

Entrance of PLaytime.co factory

You start in the entrance here you can find the entrance area and a room where you can find the Grabpack
(the grabpack is not an item)

Next is Huggy Wuggys area where you can see Huggy Wuggy for the first time in the Game. And in there are a series doors that can lead to various areas
(some only)

The Factory. Where everything is all made.

And also where other hand is

The "Make a Toy" Machine. But in these type of conditions is it really making a "toy".

Here is where Huggy wuggy chase you in vent

And finally here is where Poppy's is. The product that started it all. 

make sure to credit the map creator!.

(Please take note this map is not redstone and also not a Adventure map it is just a map)

always remember have fun in the Factory!.