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How to Join Custom Servers for Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition

In this post I'm going to show you how you can add custom servers on minecraftPS4 bedrock edition in just few simple steps. Currently right now there are only 6 featured servers that are able to be played on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock edition. This post will be telling you everything you need to know to get custom servers on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock edition!

How to Join Custom Servers for Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition

How to Join custom servers for PS4

You need to be connected on the same WIFI.

IOS Method:

Open the app store and download Bedrock Together. Open the application and click on partnered server. Click on run to start the server.

Now open minecraft on your ps4. Click on play > click on friends tab and scroll all the way down. Click on LAN games. Enjoy

Android method:

Now get on your android device. Download MC Server Connector from the google play store. Click on servers and click the server you want to play.You also have the ability to put in any server IP you found online that works with Minecraft Bedrock edition Once you have choosed the server, click on Play on this server. It will start working.

Now launch minecraft on your ps4. Click on play > click friends tab and scroll al the way down to LAN games. It will take few minutes to start. Enjoy playing.

Feel free to ask any questions down below!