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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Grab Pack! (Poppy Playtime)

MCPE/Bedrock Grab Pack! (Poppy Playtime)

while not too much effort was put in, I did put some in with the model and other things… This mod adds the Grab pack from Poppy playtime into minecraft. It isn’t much but I tried making it as good as I could with my lack of knowledge for modding. I might be adding more soon but for now I’m sticking with just the grab pack. I might add huggy later on one day


The grab pack is simple to make and doesn’t cost many materials. The mod was mostly for fun so it might be annoying to get these items for crafting the Grab pack. In the future I plan for you to be able to place a dye with the grab pack for different colors.

The recipe requires: Red/Blue Dye, Yellow Concrete, yellow wool, and yellow dye.

It is arranged in this order 

The red hand does 6 damage(3 hearts) The red hand is more of an upgrade and does more damage. I will be tweaking the recipe but for now this is it

The blue hand does 4 damage(2 hearts) and is basically a projectile item


First person:

Thrird Person:

Made using MAM(Minecraft Addon Maker)


If you make a video you must credit me: HD aNimates



please turn on experimental features.

I hope you enjoy the mod!




Changed recipe for red hand 
slightly edited models 
more damage on hit

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