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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Gems Revolution V3.1.6

MCPE/Bedrock Gems Revolution V3.1.6

 This add-on adds the following features that improve the quality of the game in a more playful way, adds various mineral armor and entities that, depending on your situation or style of play, can favor or harm In this new version a small secret story is added


This plugin adds the following

Red Gem

Yellow Gem

Orange Gem

Green Gem

Blue Gem

White Gem

Red Gem

A mini boss and an entity that appears when mining

In addition to adding red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, white armor

Soon new armor and entities will be added as for the mini boss this has a small amount of life compared to future bosses this entity is slow but a hit could leave you badly the entity that appears at the time of mining is an elusive one that can attack you from the back, although if you manage to defeat it, it will give you a valuable object.Add a new mineral that is found from layer 17 downwards.This mineral will be used to build new weapons and a decorative block.In addition, it adds a variant of a worktable of quite a striking color

This addon works for minecraft pe version 1.16 onwards

This new version adds the following crafts

And new gems

In version 3.1.2 the addon adds new entities that are added in the nether, the portals that allow the player to invoke the commanders of this version are added. 

if they are combined in order, it is possible to obtain the portal that allows you to invoke the boss of this version.

The following crafts are added.

The following gems armor is added.

We wait for you in version v4


In this version, new minerals, weapons, armor, and entities were added, small bugs were fixed

The version was updated

creator: Name_plis Delta