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Endercraft 4.0 Minigames Realm

Endercraft 4.0 Minigames Realm

This is the Endercraft 4.0 Realm's entire lobby. Spleef, TNT Run, Kit PvP, Zombie PvP, and other minigames are included. It's an excellent map for playing minigames with friends or even by yourself! The Endercraft Realm will be added to the Mountains update! Complete with fully detailed mountains surrounding the spawn point and Kit PvP! This is the most significant update to the Endercraft Realm to date!

ou may use this as your realm or make a video on it as long as you give FULL credit to Endercraft Studios!

*Join The Realm! 

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Huge thanks to Nicholas11 and all the other Builder, Programmers, and Texture Creators at Endercraft Studios for making this possible!

*If you’re having trouble joining the Endercraft 4.0 Realm, try restarting Minecraft and try again!