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Fused's Lush Leaves v1.5 - Bushy Leaves Texture Pack

Fused's Lush Leaves v1.5 - Bushy Leaves Texture Pack


Bored of vanilla minecraft trees? Want some bushy looking trees? Then this is the texture pack for you! It changes the model of Leaves to a Bushy one and also adds Sakura Birch and Golden Birch

How the Leaves look like:

Important Info!

  • You need to enable Fancy Graphics or Fancy Leaves in the settings for this pack to work. If fancy leaves/graphics are turned off, all the leaves will have a text asking to turn the graphics settings on.
  • I used a shader in most of the screenshots called Fused Vanilla Vdark , available on my mcpedl page.
  • The leaves will only wave with shaders which support waving CROPS. My waving leaves and water shader has waving crops support.
  • This is compatible with my Fused Vanilla Texture Pack but put this one on top.


  • The leaves loose their ability to have biome dependent colors, their color will remain the same in all biomes. Also due to the property of model of crops to have glow in their textures, the leaves look plastiky.
  • When a bunch of leaves surrounding each other come in contact with the ground sideways, the ground under it becomes invisible.

Unfortunately, NONE of the bugs can be fixed. Bedrock doesnt support custom models for in-game blocks yet and we can only give in-game models to in-game blocks. These leaves use the model of "crops" and this is probably the best bushy leaves bedrock can get at the moment.

Terms of Use!:

  • If you want to use this in a video then give the link to this mcpedl page, not the direct link or any custom link.
  • You are not allowed to use any of the textures,code or modify this pack, except for personal use. 
  • This pack only belongs to MCPEDL and you are not allowed to publish it on ANY other website without my permission.

If you dont follow, I WILL find you and sue you.

Please report any bugs,give suggestions or contact me on my Youtube or Discord: Fused Bolt#9525.

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When you click on the link , you will be redirected to Linkvertise, scroll down then click on Free Access with Ads. You will be sent to another page then click on View Articles and wait for 10 seconds. Then click on X and click on Continue then you will be redirected to Mediafire from there download the pack and open it , it will automatically import to your mc.

If you cannot get through the link or need ANY help then feel free to contact me on discord. I can give you direct link Fused Bolt#9525