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Texture packs

Rio Skylar Shader (RSSPE) v1.2

Rio Skylar Shader (RSSPE) v1.2


Rio Skylar Shader (RSSPE) V1.2

  This shader is made to add improvements to the default minecraft graphics. Minimalist but aesthetic.
  This shader aims to make your Minecraft experience better and I make sure the shader is comfortable to look at and not too bright


  • Waving plants (including crops) and water
  • Smooth shadow
  • Smooth lighting
  • Improved sun and moon

Rio Skylar Shader (RSSPE) is now updated to v1.2!!!

What's new in v1.2?

  • Adjusting waving animation
  • Remove waving animation on jungle leaves
  • Adding waving animation on crops
  • Adding small amount of wet effect when it's raining


DOWNLOAD (.mcpack):


DOWNLOAD (.zip):