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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock EnergyBar Addon V2

MCPE/Bedrock EnergyBar Addon V2

This addon adds a new bar for Minecraft, specifically an energy bar that will make your survival world more difficult and entertaining, the bar will start to go down a lot when you run, when you walk the bar will go down in a more moderate way and when standing still In a period of time you will begin to regain energy in the same way by being crouched you can recover more energy and drinking water or energy drink


The energy drink will be a fairly efficient way to get energy quickly, although it already depends on whether you have the necessary materials to create this drink.


First you will need to craft this bottle that will contain the energy drink and that is made with normal glass

after having the bottle we will proceed to the crafting of the energy drink

At the time of crafting this drink, I will also return the empty bucket


As I said before, this supplement adds an energy bar that when you run or walk this bar will lower, the ways to recover the bar would be to be still, sleep or drink water. Normally the full bar would look like this


reaching a certain point that the bar is low, this charged creeper-style aura will be added to you, which will be one more signal to recover some energy before continuing


When the bar is empty it will look like this and you will have a few seconds to recover or you will die of fatigue

In the same way when you have in this way the energy bar will proceed to grant you 3 effects which will be slowness, weakness and nausea apart from giving you about 6 seconds to recover before dying


When riding or under water the bar will adapt and change position as necessary and you can comfortably observe how much energy you have left


-Energy recovery methods

Sleep (Fill the entire bar)
Die (fill the entire bar)
Drink water (Fill 1 bar)
Be Quiet (will fill the bar moderately and not so quickly)
Be Crouched (moderately fill the bar but faster than the previous one)
Energy Drink (fills a total of 3 bars and gives you resistance)

-Curious fact

1- If you are using the speed effect the bar will be spent slower
2- When you craft the energy drink, it also returns the empty bucket that you used


In this part I leave an explanatory video of how the addon works, in advance thanks for downloading the addon


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Changes and fixes

-Energetic drink added 

-Empty bottle added

 -New energy bar ui added 

-More optimized code added 

-More performance in the energy bar added 

-More energy recovery methods added