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Newb Shader v1.1.8

Newb Shader v1.1.8

An aesthetic shader pack for Minecraft PE. This Shader focuses on improving the existing vanilla shader to look more aesthetic and realistic without ruining the existing gameplay or sacrificing much performance.

Only for Android and iOS MCPE (uses OpenGL ES)

MCBE Win10/Xbox Edition not supported (uses Renderdragon engine)

For MCPE 1.17.11. Special port for 1.14 also available.

This shader might have bugs! Beware

Features and Changes:

Skip ahead if you're too lazy to read!

Lighting: Features a customisable natural soft lighting with many subtle details.
Clouds: The clouds are soft and adapt with rain. Some parameters can be customised from settings file.
Sky: A natural looking bright sky that gives the shader an aesthetic feel.
Water: A calm and relaxing water that's truly light-weight yet looks beautiful. It's colors adapt with biomes and can also be customised.
Underwater: Has a more bluish foggy view, with soft caustics.
Foliage wave: A subtle natural wave animation that applies to grass, leaves, vines and crops. You could also enable more plants like flowers from settings.
Lantern swing: Probably something you don't find in most shaders, a rigid swinging lantern.
Depth: A smooth foggy layer that blends across the horizon, with an added misty layer that gives more depth to your world. You can also tweak the mist as you want.
Rain weather: Something many users like about this shader, a very natural rain weather. The clouds become thicker, the foliage and lantern starts to wave harder, the ground begins to get wet and a cold wind blows onto you.
Entities: Entities have a soft ambient around them and also has other small details like wet reflection.
Color correction: Uses a very common tone mapping method, yet it still gives Newb Shader a distinct color tone. Not suiting your taste? You can tweak it's brightness, contrast, saturation, tint and even try other tone mappings from settings file!
Sun/Moon: A 3D looking vanilla moon? Not something you'd expect in most shaders, but you get it here. With a smooth shading, it has all the moon phases. The sun also looks stunningly smooth yet it preserves the vanilla vibe. It can even be rotated!
More?: Of course the changes don't stop here, there are more subtle details and many customisation options for you. Try to find it out!


  • Screenshots are from an older version - Newb Shader 1.1.6

Recommended settings:

  • Beautiful sky - on
  • Smooth shading - on
  • Brightness - 100%