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MCPE/Bedrock The Walking Dead Add-On (Beta)

MCPE/Bedrock The Walking Dead Add-On (Beta)

Today there are many ... they are everywhere, I don't know what to do anymore ... the government couldn't do anything ... Yes!  , the addon you were waiting for!  This addon adds new mobs such as walkers from The Walking Dead, law enforcement, military, new weapons, new blocks, firearms and much more ...

  • For starters, new added mobs do not spawn naturally in the world, so you will need to spawn them. (Activate Experimental Game!)
  • New Mobs:
  • Walkers:

Very agresive mobs,they were normal people until the virus infected them, they are somewhat weak, but that does not take away from them how dangerous they are.

  • Damage:5
  • Health:20
  • Speed:slow
  • Infected:

They are agresive,the virus has mutated in their bodies and now they can run.

  • Damage:5
  • Health:20
  • Speed:fast(medium)
  • Runners:

These things are faster than the common infected, getting to bite your heels in seconds.

  • Damage:5
  • Health:20
  • Speed:fast
  • Crawlers:

Walkers that were eaten, or mutilated, are somewhat slow.

  • Damage:4
  • Health:13-8
  • Speed:slow

Later we can find more infected, such as soldiers, hospital personnel, infected police (also in riot gear), and more.

  • Special Infected:
  • Viral:

These infected are very fast and will not stop until they eat you.(All the infected can come to poison you).

  • Damage:7
  • Health:50-55
  • Speed:very fast

Super Zombies:

Infected who reached their maximum stage of infection, becoming very dangerous infected.

  • Damage:12
  • Health:140
  • Speed:fast(medium)
  • Mutated Zombie:

Infected that were manipulated in government laboratories, becoming very powerful, thus being infected with the most dangerous strain of the virus ...

  • Damage:15
  • Health:200
  • Speed:fast(medium)

There are more of them too, like spitters, radioactive walkers, hazmat personnel, and more.

  • Law Enforcement:
  • Police Officers:
  • Health:25-35
  • Equipped with firearms.
  • Riot Police:
  • Health:60-70
  • Equipped with shotguns and batons.
  • SWAT:
  • Health:60
  • Equipped with firearms.

FBI agents and special forces were also added.

  • Soldiers/National Guard:
  • Health:50-60
  • Equipped with firearms.

These may also have gas masks and riot gear.

  • Armed Hazmat Agents:

Sent by the disease control center, these agents in biological protective suits arrived after the situation got out of control in the main conflict points.

  • Health:
  • Equipped with firearms.

And More Mobs.

  • New Weapons:

We can find firearms such as the MP5, Thompsom, Pistols, Shotguns, Riot Weapons, Rifles, Explosives and more, as well as melee weapons such as knives, bats, machetes, riot shields ... (I will not explain everything, because it is too much).

  • New Food:

Canned food, water bottles, dog food, antibiotics to stop infection in case you were bitten, real food, and more.

  • New Armor:

Riot armor, hazmat suit, gas masks, chemical protection suits, doctor suits, and more types of armor.

  • Other Modifications:
  • GUI
  • UI
  • Added Rick Grimes And Daryl
  • Motorcycle
  • New Textures
  • More mobs and items
  • New music
  • Super TNT
  • More...

Activate the experimental game!!
You do not have permission to publish this add-on or mod on your website or your YouTube channel, if you do, nothing good is waiting for you >:v Sure ... but if you ask me for permission to upload it and leave credits if you can.

creator: ManuXFMCPE