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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Pressable Item Effects [Alpha-Update]

MCPE/Bedrock Pressable Item Effects [Alpha-Update]

Pressable Item Effects is items that you press or hold you gain effects base on what item effects that you use, enjoy the easiest and obtainable effects in mcpe.  


Pressable Item Effects 


Drei Gaming

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Invisibility Item 

  • Effect: Invisibility Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Village Hero Item

  • Effect: Village Hero Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Haste Item

  • Effect: Haste Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Poison Item 

  • Effect: Poison Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Resistance Item 

  • Effect: Resistance Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Hunger Item 

  • Effect: Hunger Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Weakness Item 

  • Effect: Weakness Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Wither Item 

  • Effect: Wither Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Fire Resistance 

  • Effect: Fire Resistance Effect
  • Duration: 9999 sec.

Clear Effects 

  • Function: Clear All Effects
  • Duration: 1 sec.


  • Function: Information about Add-On
  • Duration: 1 sec.





  • Activate the Holiday Creator Features in Experimental


  • Give me credits if you want to showcase or modify my addon, also don't steal my own work without permission.


Download via Mediafire 

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Supported 1.17+