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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Exnihilo Bedrock

MCPE/Bedrock Exnihilo Bedrock

You tired of a Skyblock world full of cobblestone? Then this addon is for you! Evolve from a tree with items and blocks provided, you will have to do other things instead of sitting for hours breaking cobblestone !It is possible to fight the Ender Dragon in the not too distant future.


Copyright Notice

The ideas and images copyright belongs to MikeLydeamore

Source Repository:  https://github.com/MikeLydeamore/ExNihiloAdscensio

Lisence: MIT License

Join DucksTeam on github now for contribute your ideas!


V 1.0.2


Includes hammers with different digging speeds and durability.


Break and Tranformable

Block       |      Result

      Stone       | Cobblestone

Cobblestone |      Gravel       

 Gravel      |       Sand   

       Sand       |   Dust Block  

             Netherrack   | Crushed Netherrack

            End Stone    | Crushed End Stone


Includes crooks with different digging speeds and durability.



Can be used to convert Leaves to Infested Leaves and using Crook break it and get String, Silkworm

Can smelt to Cooked Silkworm for eating

Can craft to Bone Meal

Cooked Silkworm

Can eat and increse 3 saturation

Wooden Barrel

It can be used to store water, convert Dust Block into Clay, convert Leaves, Sapling into Dirt.



Sapling, Leaves --> Dirt

Water + Ancient Spores --> Witch Water

V 1.0.3

Infested Leaves

Is the product of leaves after put silkworm on vanilla leaves.

Using crook break it'll get Sapling, Stick, Apple

V 1.0.4


Sieve materials and get lots materials.


Mesh And Material Type

Material Type    | Mesh Type    

         Dirt              | String, Flint    
Gravel           | All type    

Sand             | All type    

Dust Block        | All type         

Crushed Netherrack | Iron, Diamond       

Crushed End Stone | Iron, Diamond     

V 1.0.5

Porcelain Clay

Used to craft Unfired Crucible.


Unfired Crucible

Use in furnace to get Crucible



Use to heat materials to lava by heat sources.



Heat Sources

( Need solid block at bottom heat source )

Heat Type   |   Speed        

  Torch      |   1mb/tick

   Lava       |   3mb/tick

V 1.0.6

Stone Barrel

Use for transform Lava to Netherack, End Stone



Can interact with lava bucket, water bucket, witch water bucket when barrel is empty


     Liquid |      Material      | Result    

            Water |Ancient Spores| Witch Water

            Lava |     Redstone     | Netherrack

          Lava |    Glowstone    | End Stone

          Lava |   Blazing Doll   | Blaze        

      Witch Water |  Creeping Doll | Enderman         

V 1.0.7

Witch Water

Transform mobs to other mob types


Entity | Result

            Skeleton | Wither Skeleton

               Creeper | Charged Creeper

         Spider | Cave Spider

Squid | Ghast

                      Pig | Zombie Pigman


       Entity |     Effect     | Level       

Player |  Blindness | 1        

    | Weakness | 3

    |     Wither    | 1

    |  Slowness | 1


Sneak and click with empty hand to witch water block to get back witch water bucket

Final Update

Increse sieve drops for better chance and add some item into loot drops

Added Cooked Silkworm

Added Silkworm can craftable to Bone Meal

This is the final version that is almost as fully functional as the original on Java Edition

All future versions are bug fixes

Any errors related to this addon please send to


Thankyou for so much! ?

  • Fixed the items and blocks not shown on creative inventory
  • Update for 1.17.30


Please active experimental gameplay features for this addon work correctly!

creator: https://twitter.com/nguyenduck2004