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One Pixeled - The Ultimate FPS Booster Texture Pack!

One Pixeled - The Ultimate FPS Booster Texture Pack!

Want to increase your FPS? Or just want a smooth and simple look? Then use this texture pack!It has a resolution of 1x1 for majority of blocks while blocks like crafting table,flowers etc have a resolution of 8x8 to keep the game still playable! It can increase upto 15-20 FPS!

Dont believe? Try it!

How will it work?

Vanilla minecraft has a resolution of 16x16 meaning theres a total of 256 pixels in each block.

But THIS texture pack has a resolution of 1x1 meaning there is only 1 pixel in the texture of blocks instead of 256!

So if your GPU/Video Memory usage is high with vanilla minecraft textures, then THIS texture pack will reduce the load on the GPU/Video Memory which will ultimately result in an increase in performance!

To keep the game playable and the visuals not too bad, the textures of some specific  generated blocks have a resolution of 8x8. Like crafting tables,grasses, flowers,Ores. Etc.

When will it not work?

∆If the lag is caused by the CPU or the RAM, then changing the resolution of textures wont make any change! THIS pack only lowers the GPU/Video Memory usage.

∆This will also NOT FIX LAG CAUSED BY PING! (Players teleporting,blocks not breaking, not being able to hit because these are caused by network lag).

∆On some devices (mainly pc) The FPS are capped at 60. No matter what you do they will never go above that.

Some screenshots in The Hive:



Skywars lobby:


Skywars maps:

Video Review:


For now, I have only focused on the maps of skywars in The Hive. Alot of texture of blocks have not been changed. But they will be changed in future updates.

All of the textures are made by me. Also, the textures arent 16x16 with the same color. They actually have a resolution of 1x1.

It might not increase FPS on devices in which the lag is not caused by gpu/video memory!

Terms of use:

If you want to use it in a video , give the link to this page , not the direct download link.

You are not allowed to publish it on ANY other website and this only belongs to MCDLSpot PAGE.

You are not allowed to use ANY textures except for personal use.

You are also not allowed to further distribute it with changes.