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MCPE/Bedrock UltraFarming Addon [More Crops and Food]

MCPE/Bedrock UltraFarming Addon [More Crops and Food]

Do you wanna be a farmer o just have a more complex game experience? This addon is for you.This addon adds new 6 crops, 20 new food and many other technical blocks like feeders and wine.



  • This addon adds 8 new crops (grapes, corns, lettuces, rice, tomatoes, peppers, onions and kelps) which seeds can be obtained by the botany table.
  • We also find fruit trees (apple, orange, olives and cherries), the fruits will grow under the leaves and you can take them.
  • Chicken coop, the chickens will sit on it and then, they will lay eggs.
  • Cutting board, you can cut food with the cooking knife.
  • Cooking pot, you can make a cooking pot recipes book to see how to make stews, soup and rice. (The cooking pot must be on top of the campfire).
  • Sushi and sushi set (Enjoy with your friends a good sushi or make your own restaurant).
  • Wine barrel, you can make wine with it, just put grapes and take the wine with a glass bottle.
  • Wheat feeder, cows and sheeps will eat from it, they make them grow up earlier and be healthier.
  • Functional tractor, you can harvest your crops easier and faster.
  • Cheese mold, just add some milk, wait for a time and you will have cheese.
  • Plow tool, it works like a hoe, but it will plow 25 blocks around you.
  • More than 30 food.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added more crops.
  • Added chicken coop
  • Added more food