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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Mushroom Hat

MCPE/Bedrock Mushroom Hat

This add-on adds a cute mushroom hat to your game! You can find it in the helmet section of your creative inventory, or you can craft it in survival. It doesn’t do anything special, but it does add a nice aesthetic to the game!


This is the hat on an armor stand.

Here is the back view on Alex.

This is just a cute, simple addon for a mushroom hat. It doesn’t replace anything, and it’s obtainable in survival by crafting. If you have any suggestions to improve it, or things you would like to see, I really appreciate feedback and critique!


This add-on consists of both a resource pack and a behavior pack, so make sure you enable both of them in your world. Make sure you enable experiments as well.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLyFyz5xL9brK0UY-p-rLBA