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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock MobAbilities Reworked

MCPE/Bedrock MobAbilities Reworked

On February, I released the "MobAbilities" mod, a mod inspired by Origins, but, it didn't have custom items, but now, with this reworked version, we have custom items! We are going to use them for abilities for the mobs

YouTube - GamerDos


Here are the mobs in this addon!



  • Drop custom item to make fire
  • Fire Resistant
  • Weak
  • Dies in water



  • Infinite Ender Pearls
  • Resistance
  • Takes damage when ender pearling
  • Dies in water



  • Drop custom item to summon an explosive friend
  • Weak, very weak



  • Drop custom item to phantomize
  • When phantomized, drop custom item to dephantomize
  • When phantomized, you are invisible
  • When phantomized, you are slow
  • When phantomized, you are hungry



  • Infinite fish
  • Has conduit power underwater
  • Dies on land

Star Born

  • Smite people with custom item
  • Jump boost
  • Hunger


  • Drop custom item to speed up
  • Slow falling
  • Auto looting and fortune
  • INSANE hunger when speeding up

Frost Warrior

  • Has some positive potion effects
  • Auto frost walker
  • Potion particles show



Note: If you are becoming a mob with a space in it (example: star born) remove the space

Note 2: When your adding the tag to yourself, make sure its all lowercase (example: starborn)


Thank you all for the support on MobAbilities, I will continue to update mobabilities

For more info, click here:





How to avoid spam

How to increase command block range

How to setup

How to become mob


  • Added new mobs
  • More images to help you with configurating the mod
  • Bug fixes
  • Texture fixes


  1. Click link
  2. Click continue
  3. Click blue box
  4. Open minecraft
  5. Addon imported
  6. Put addon on world
  7. Watch video

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPNwlNmRlD4AHhpGmf71SQ