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MCPE/Bedrock Java Grass Addon

MCPE/Bedrock Java Grass Addon

Are you tired of - plains on Bedrock Edition with barely any grass? Then this is for you This is a simple addon that fixes the grass parity problem between both versions. Just enable it and experience Java grass with the click of a button.


Nothing more to say here, this is a very simple pack that has this simple purpose.


You have to enable the Creation of Custom biomes experimental tag to enable it. If this isn't done, it won't work.

This addon has two modes. It has the normal Java parity fix one, and then another Easter egg subpack which literally puts tallgrass in every single corner of the world. It hasn't decreased performance in my case, but I don't guarantee the game will run as smooth. However, the Java parity subpack is very optimized and it will barely decrease your FPS.

The 'Literally grass everywhere' subpack is enabled by default, so if you just want Java grass, don't forget to slide it to the right!



Java grass


Literally grass everywhere subpack