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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Creator Packs-More Slabs

MCPE/Bedrock Creator Packs-More Slabs

CREATOR PACKSMORE SLABS   The addon adds 240 new (vertical) slabs, 16 kinds of wall cloth, 8 kinds of fallen leaves and lawns.    These new blocks are based on the vanilla game content. Each new block has its own recipe, sound, texture and so on. The addon makes many features of these blocks similar to the vanilla game content. Most blocks use the vanilla texture directly, and the sounds of all blocks also use the vanilla game content, so this addon is very compatible with other resource packs you add. These blocks are sure to make your building more diverse.


-More Slabs-


   The slabs added in this addon include ordinary slabs and vertical slabs (Note: this addon does not include the existing slabs in the vanilla version and their corresponding vertical version.

   Ordinary slabs have the same placement characteristics as the slabs in the vanilla version, and the vertical slabs will also have these characteristics. The slabs corresponding to some blocks (such as bone blocks) facing anisotropy will also inherit the anisotropy when it is placed, as shown in the following picture:

Fallen Leaves

   The fallen leaves are similar to the vanilla snow layer[2]. You can stack 8 layers in one block. When you walk on the fallen leaves, you will sink a little. When you destroy fallen leaves, you won't get anything.

(Note: the fallen leaves in the picture are placed manually and are not generated naturally)

Wall Cloth

   The wall cloth [3] can be understood as the vertical carpet and has four orientations. It will also be ignited by fire like the vanilla carpet [4]. 


   Lawn is a decorative block. You can use bone meal to make it grow small flowers ?


  • Recipes

Crafting Table

   The recipe of ordinary slabs is similar to the vanilla. The recipe of vertical slabs is to place three raw materials vertically on the crafting table.

   In addition, you can dye some blocks with dyes.

   Below are the recipes for the other blocks:


   The stained terracotta slabs can be obtained by calcining in a furnace like the vanilla stained terracotta. (Vertical) Stone brick slabs and (vertical) nether brick slabs can also be fired into (vertical) cracked stone brick slabs and (vertical) cracked nether brick slabs in the furnace .
(Note: the vertical slabs need to be matched with the Vertical Slabs addon). After loading the two addon at the same time, you also need to change the two TXT files in the "recipes" folder in THIS addon into JSON files. For specific methods, please refer to README.txt in BP)


   Some stone blocks can also be cut by stonecutter. 

  • Creative Category

   In version 1.0.1, these blocks can be obtained in the creative inventory.


  • Commands

   You can get these blocks by typing commands (/give & /function)


   You need to turn on the following four experimental options:

  1. Caves and Cliffs (experimental gameplay).
  2. Holiday Creator Features
  3. Additional Modding Capabilities
  4. Upcoming Creator Features

Known Bugs

(Please refer here for the bugs of other blocks and vertical slabs) 
[1] Due to the limitations of the current API, it is temporarily impossible to obtain the player's exact click position.
[2] Fallen leaves cannot be covered by other blocks and cannot change color with biome. The same goes for lawns.
[3] Wall cloths and wool blocks cannot be used as fuel.
[4] The wall cloth cannot be ignited by lava.
[5] Blocks and water can't coexist.
[6] Some attached blocks can float in the air.
[7] The (vertical) crying obsidian slabs have no particles.
(The above problems cannot be repaired temporarily due to technical reasons)


  • Add log slabs
  • Add stripped log slabs
  • Add wood slabs
  • Add stripped wood slabs


       You cannot publish this addon on any other platform in your own name.

       Without our permission, you cannot modify and publish this addon without authorization.

       You can ONLY modify the content for your OWN use.


Thank you for your support.


This add-on only supports / and higher!

   Two types of files are provided below, you can use the MCADDON file to import automatically, or you can decompress the ZIP file and import manually. However, I recommend that you import it manually because this avoids many problems. If you fail to import automatically, you can try importing manually (Put BP and RP in the "behavior_packs" and "resource_packs" folders, respectively).

creator: LPaicen