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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Chocolate Addon (Its Not About Chocolates)

MCPE/Bedrock Chocolate Addon (Its Not About Chocolates)

Chocolate addon will bring alot of contents to the game, with a goal of being balance, challenging, and survival friendly. for now the focus is to add new mobs to every biome. All of my addons is also here



turn this on

before you activate behavior and resources

These addon is meant to be played in hard mode

Dark forest extension v1.5 (31-10-21)

(read the changelog for the changes)

All of the new mobs can only be found around dark forest biome except for the Illager witch

Skeletal Vindicator - A melee and hard hitting skeleton that can break your shield faster

Illager Witch - they can spawn like normal witches but they are more common in dark forest. they can summon their own version of evocation fang. Illager witch can also throw totem of the dead to summon Skeletal Vindicator and protect itself

Noyance - a vex like monster but tougher and deals less damage.

Babbit - Babbits are neutral flying animals that will summon spectre 
if got by anything (including snow balls and spash potions. use nametag "bunny" to get white one). 

New Items

All of the new Items are drop by the new mobs

Totem of the Dead - this item is throwable and will summon 3 skeletal vindicator upon hitting.
the skeletal vindicators will attack anything except players

Spectral Membrane - edible and will make you float up to 3 blocks

Babbit Wings - can be used as a substitute to phantom membrane when making potion of slow falling

Easter Egg

there is a 1% chance that a natural spawning skeleton head will have Ihate Gravel skin

You can modify the addon for Personal use

No need to give credits if you don't want to, but don't Claim it to be yours

Only Use this Link and Don't share the direct link

And do not re-upload, thank you and see you on the next update

Previous versions below

Jungle extension v1.4 (11-10-21)

all of the mobs is exclusive to jungle

Ecomoar - a dangerous animal you must avoid in early game Becuase of its rapid attack. they hunt sheeps, chickens.they are hostile to player, and junglers.


ecomoar fur - can be crafted to ecomoar boots, pants, tunic, and helmet
ecomoar fang - is used to craft or repair chieftain's axe


Jungler - they spawn in groups of three(two followers and one chieftain) and wonder around the jungle to hunt sheeps, cows, pigs and ecomoars. You can used tied meats to barter with the chieftain.

tied meats recipe and barter table.

Atrocity - this addon have a lore but for now you can imagine what/who is behind this. It will charge too any moving thing it sees, and stop for a second if it hits the target, then charge again.(good exp amount).

Flarerot - they only spawn at night time and they glow in the dark. They behave like parrots but they are smaller and faster. Use glow berries to tame it

Sweets and Sugar rush

Sweet bread,Honey bread, cookie bread - after eating it you gain some  hunger points but specialy speed and haste for few seconds(good for exploring)

Chocolate bar - it only gives half hunger a point but the speed and haste is a bit longer(good for escaping)

Jungler related items:


jungle Salve - restores 3 heart upon eating
junk fruit - not a good food but required to craft jungle salve
chieftain's axe - terrible at breaking blocks, but good at damaging mobs
tribe's secret - only obtainable through barter and required to craft chieftain's axe and jungle salve

Sea Extension v1.3 (2021-09-18)

Dessert Extension v1.2 (???)

Savanna Extension v1.1 (???)

First Release v1.0 (???)


  • Added Mobs and Items
  • Change Ecomaor Axe name to Ecomoar Cleaver
  • reduced sea shade exp
  • reduced Atrocity damage
  • Change Vex Texture and Material( now it glows in the dark and redder when about to attack)
  • reduced Beetles spawn rate


download and import the files to minecraft

and don't forget to turn this on

before you activate the behavior and resources because it might not work

creator: https://twitter.com/crinkles_12