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MCPE/Bedrock Attacking Animals 1.18 Beta

MCPE/Bedrock Attacking Animals 1.18 Beta

Are you bored of Minecraft. Because you have done almost everything in it and there is nothing more to do. Sometimes you would think to speedrun minecraft when there is nothing to do and then you open your minecraft and make a new world then as soon as it loads you cut a tree and get stone tools and then a zombie kills you at night and what you do is close minecraft because you have done this multiple times. Am I right? So I am presenting you a new addon which makes your minecraft world more harder but interesting. And it's Attacking Animals 1.18 Beta. Let's see what this addon includes in it.


This addon turns all those peaceful animals into evils which you keep in farms or kill for food. But as soon as you apply this addon the animals will kill you. Which means that there is danger at day time also if you don't have armor but still it makes your world interesting because it gives you more challenges. So first let me prove you that this addon really works. The animals are going to attack you like zombies and skeletons.

So here is a picture of a pig hitting me and my health getting down. This addon does not affect their health which means they are easy to kill as earlier but this time they will defend themselves on their own. 


So when a zombie kills you a death message appears <Player Name> was slain by zombie so it's same with these animals also.



So this addon includes all the peaceful animals except polar bears. So why I didn't change polar bears because I was confused that to count it in peaceful or hostile because polar bears sometimes attack and sometimes not and with that they are too powerful.

Now one more question why is it Attacking Animals "1.18 Beta"  so that is because it's made in 1.18 and is out for beta testing. This doesn't means that it will only work in Betas of 1.18. This can work in any version above 1.17.


So when you play this addon it doesn't required experimental toggle to be on but if it doesn't work on your device so I recommend to turn on these buttons.

So if you liked this addon so please subscribe to my channel SculkCraft

Link to my channel -:

So now there is something important to tell -:

You can use this addon in your youtube videos but only if you give me the credits and one more important thing is that you need to give this link not direct link to the file and this is because this page is more updated. Thanks


This addon doesn't contain any links with bad ads and is safe. However it is not mediafire link but it's easy to download as mediafire.