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Minecraft Addons

RLCraft Modpack (Xbox One, PS4, MCPE)

RLCraft Modpack (Xbox One, PS4, MCPE)

What is RlCraft

When players become tired of the original features in Minecraft they may build their own fresh and interesting features by using modifications or mod packs.

To make Minecraft more difficult than the vanilla version, RLCraft is a mod. RLCraft turns the traditional game on its head. Throughout the game, there are a ton of additional creatures, biomes, and buildings that have been randomly created. If you're new to RLCraft, you should expect to die a lot in the beginning. It's comparable to Minecraft's hard mode - gamers desire a challenge. It was developed by Minecraft users who were tired of the vanilla gameplay and wanted to build their own mod. There was something wrong with the game, whether it was because the gameplay was too simple or because they simply wanted a change. In order to make the game more difficult, they included different monsters and mechanisms. RLCraft's journey has also been spiced up with the addition of newly generated buildings. The amount of mobs in RLCraft is well-known. Because RLCraft has so many hostile creatures, it's a lot tougher than vanilla Minecraft. Contrary to vanilla Minecraft, hostile creatures may spawn and wander about throughout the daytime.

How it is Difficult is it?

The biome that a player enters in RLCraft is important. Above the Hotbar and adjacent to the player's health, each player has a temperature circle. There will be noticeable changes in mobility and skills for players when they enter a winter biome. It is possible for a player to freeze to death if he or she spends too much time in the cold. The player will perish from the cold even if he is inside a shelter unless he is provided fire or switches to a different biome soon.

In a desert, the player may potentially perish from the heat. The players will soon get dehydrated in hot conditions. Like hunger, the player in RLCraft has a water bar. Drinking water is the sole way to refill this water bar. But most of the water sources in RLCraft are deemed polluted and will not completely restore the player's hydration, which is the sole drawback to this method.

Addons Included: Tinker's Awakening

More TNT

Custom Enchantments

Item Exchange


Weapon Cases

Loot Bags

Ore Randomizer

Ritual Magic

Lucky Blocks

Heart Containers

Survival Guns


More Biomes

Crafting Progression

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