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MCPE/Bedrock Useful Machines

MCPE/Bedrock Useful Machines

In this addon you will find some useful sci fi robots that could help you in survival. From storage to travel and to resources. Just watch out, not all of these robots are friendly.


In this addon you will find some useful sci fi robots that could help you in survival. 

What you will find:

  • Containere: A walking chest with guns that can follow you.
  • Hoverbikes: Two different bikes used for travel and come in many colors.
  • Scrapoid: It can make your hearts green and give you hunger.
  • Cargo: These can "crash" on the surface randomly.


Containere: You can tame these machines with an iron ingot and heal them with it too. They have the same inventory size as a small chest and they go ham on all hostile mobs with their fireballs. They spawn just like cows.


Hoverbikes: You don't need to tame them to ride. They come with two types (Sports and cruiser) and in three colors (blue green and orange)




Scrapoid: Machine test subject #4 made from another spaceship somewhere in space. Dangerous machines capable of giving you hunger and green hearts. They can spawn anywhere in the overworld from groups of 2-10.


Cargo: They come in three types and contain similar loot. You can also find scrapoids here.

How to make the space cargo spawn randomly in your world:



Updated the downloads to be just one download.

Changed the .mcpack to .mcaddon


Do not republish, take credit, or upload without the owners permission.
If you would like to make a video with this addon give credit to the owner.
You can customize the addon however you like, but contact the owner.
If you have any questions contact C1RCU1T.
Thanks for downloading!
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