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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock UHC Addon

MCPE/Bedrock UHC Addon

Are you a PvP lover and don't know how to do a UHC?

Well, this addon is for you

Being a fairly complete UHC with border, extra life bar and even golden head!


Before starting the UHC, everyone will be immortal with effects to prevent them from dropping heads or being spectators.

To start the UHC you only have to execute this command in the chat "/ function start" and for the version in Esp of the addon "/ function iniciar"

Immediately after executing the command, everyone will be teleported to random locations on the map.

For the tp the fall damage is deactivated so you will have to activate it with the command "/ gamerule falldamage true"

The UHC is divided into 10 episodes of 10 minutes except the first of 15 minutes


Episode 3:Everyone is given a golden apple

Episode 4:The PvP is activated and everyone's health is regenerated

Episode 6:Everyone is given a Shulker Box

Episode 8:Player health bar increases without effects

Episode 10:DeathMatch!

(In the other episodes there is no change)

All are teleported to a random player to force PvP

Spectator mode

When you are eliminated you will enter spectator mode where you cannot damage players, collect items, break blocks or die

In this mode you can fly!

Golden Head 

When a player is eliminated right at his death spot, a head will appear with a random ore block underneath

With your head you can create the golden head,when you consume this item, it will regenerate 5 hearts and give you 4 absorption hearts for 2 minutes.


The border is invisible and is 1500x1500

Health indicator

It will be present both in the list of players and above their name.

This is all of the addon for now!


In my discord I host UHC with my Java combat addon and even more elaborate UHC!

En mi discord hosteo UHC incluso mas elaborados que el de este addon todos los dias!



Change the download link to Mediafire to download it directly


You only have to manually place the beharvior and texture pack

In addition to having the educational edition activated

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC04XAkmv-2fLOrBOfC5taUQ/videos