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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock The Walter Addon

MCPE/Bedrock The Walter Addon

Walter otherwise known as Nelson, was a popular meme dating back in early 2021. His physical appearance was perfect material in memes and he quickly became internet famous with a single photo. Him and many other famous dogs including Doge, Cheems, Limecat, and Longcat would be included in many meme templates. This addon introduces Walter, but showcased as a god, you must defeat him and prevent the universe from ending. How exactly did you get here? Long story short, you called him a Bull Terrier which is the official breed of his kind, and he was angered to the point of mass destruction. Gear up, because you're in for a doggy treat. WARNINGTHIS ADDON WILL DESTROY YOUR WORLD, AND COULD DESTROY IT TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! PLEASE USE THIS ADDON IN A DIFFERENT WORLD AND NOT YOUR MAIN WORLDS!


Upon summoning him with a spawn egg, you will be lectured by Walter, taunted, and mocked, after 30 seconds he will fall from the heavens and destroy a chunk of land, and then the fight will begin.

Walter Phase One

Walter has 1,000 health in his first phase, and does 40 damage.

If you're powerful enough, and manage to defeat his first phase, he will sink into the ground and you will be prompted with a 20 second dialogue. Walter mocks you even more and tells you he wasn't even trying. After 20 seconds are up, you will be blinded by the light and his 2nd phase will begin.

In his second phase, he is much faster, but he still retains his health, but does 50 damage. He is able to summon minions which distract you and deal 20 damage. But the minions are very weak and only do 20 damage. He also pushes targets back if they are too close to him. The most noticeable feature in the second phase is time will begin to accelerate at high speeds and days will past by, he will start restarting the universe and return everything to zero.

Walter's Minion

His second phase is extremely difficult and when fighting the boss it's recommended to have 2 or more people. Netherite Armor is highly recommended.

If by some odds you are able to defeat his second phase, his will disappear in an instant and begins to start charging his machine. This machine is capable of fully restarting the universe. Once the machine is finished charging he will leave the universe and leave you with the machine to fight as you are not worth his time.

The third phase is a timed battle, you have 5 minutes to kill it or the universe will end.

The Pillar of Ending is the final boss you fight, it has 2,500 health and deals massive destruction to your world. You must kill it quickly before everything gets tdestroyed, or the universe resets.

Pillar of Ending

This boss has the largest moveset and is capable of doing many things.


Minion Creation - Pillar of Ending will began to start creating minions, it will create 7 minions to distract you so it can continue resetting the universe.

Life Destruction - Pillar of Ending will summons tnt in the sky, the amount of tnt is equal to the amount of entities in the world. If there are a lot of entities in the world tnt will spawn, and yes, this will include the blocks it destroys and the minions.

Ringaround - Pillar of Ending will begin spinning rapidly, dealing knockback to everything within a 10 block radius and dealing 50 damage. This can potentially distract you for a long period of time.



Once you defeat the Pillar of Ending, he will do a death animation and explode. You will be rewarded nothing for your actions and it will explain to you in-game why that is.


This is a brief summary of the addon, try it out for your self and see all the contents it has to show you! This addon has voicelines, boss music, sound effects, and many more!


Just click on the link and it will automatically download the addon and all of it's contents for you to try out! Good luck on the boss!

creator: https://twitter.com/redanite