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MCPE/Bedrock Pancakes Better Llamas

MCPE/Bedrock Pancakes Better Llamas

Have you ever thought that villagers were too hard to transport or that llamas are a completely useless mob? Well I managed to kill two birds with one stone by making this addon.


Check out my YouTube channel for more info and different mods and content as well as an ad free download.


Llamas are a completely useless mob and finding one just makes you want to hit it which is why I created this addon.


This addon lets llamas act like land boats for transportation of entities let me explain.


After taming a llama you will be able to equip it with a saddle


Equipping it with a saddle will not only make it to where you can control it when riding it but it also makes it to where the llama can pick up any mob a boat could



In order to stop the mob from being on the llama as much as I'd want to kill the llama all you have to do is unequip it's saddle and the mob on top will drop right off.


To download the mod ad free visit my video link in the description. PLEASE DO NOT CLAIM THIS ADDON AS YOUR OWN. If you would like to use this in a video that is fine just link back to THIS PAGE and not your own link.

If you'd like to use any of my mods/addons in a mod pack please ask me before adding them. You are free to use them in any videos but do not claim them as your own.