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MCPE/Bedrock No More Names (Hide Nametags In Your Worlds)

MCPE/Bedrock No More Names (Hide Nametags In Your Worlds)

Are you a map creator? Or server operator? Searching for a way on how to hide a player's Nametag/Gamertag in your Minecraft world? If that's the case, you've come to the correct spot because the add-on I created is custom fit for you!


"No More Names"

By Daniye



All nametag/gamertag of players will be hidden if you use this Add-On in your own Minecraft World.



The only way to see the player's nametag is by aiming the cursor at them.


Please do credit me if you were to use/share this add-on ?

And also do not forget to check my profile, I'm making different Maps with unique themes and ideas. I want to give the best and exciting experience for every Minecraft Player! ...Please look forward for more...

Thanks ?




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  • Thank you!


Supported Minecraft version 1.16+ 1.17+ 1.18+