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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Merging Items 1.1.7 [Goodlands Update]

MCPE/Bedrock Merging Items 1.1.7 [Goodlands Update]

In this addon, you can merge items and make better ones! They are extremely useful as well! If you like the idea of this addon, then read all about it! (Also: Suggest some more items in the comments!)



Craftable                                                                                                                                             --------------

Raw Diamond Pickaxe Beef - You can actually eat this and it gives you Haste CCLV (255) and it is enough to mine Ancient Debris in 0 seconds! You craft it with Raw Beef and Diamond Pickaxes. It is extremely useful when you have a pickaxe

Bottle 'o' Explosive - Yes, you heard me! If you place Bottles Of Enchanting and TNT into a Crafting Table, it gives you this. It has no cooldown and you can use this to defend your base! It deals 2 hearts of damage when it explodes

Version  1.0.1


Sharp Shield - This insane item deals 50 Attack Damage to anything it hits! That is enough to kill a Ravager in one single shot! (i think) It even has an enchanted glint on it making it even more special. It is crafted using an Iron Sword & a Shield

Fishing Spear - This is great if you are low on hunger as it gives you Raw Cod if you hold the screen! It also gives you Night Vision and Conduit Power to help with fishing. It deals 10 Attack Damage! It is crafted with an Iron Sword and a Fishing Rod

Spyhelmet - You can... ...eat this thing. It's very useful though as it gives you Slowness V and zooms in on the enviroment! It is another item with an enchanted glint on it. It is crafted with a Carved Pumpkin and an Iron Helmet

TNT Arrow - This is similar to the Bottle 'o' Explosive but it is WAY more powerful. Without full Iron Armor or anything better than that, you will blow yourself up! It is crafted with TNT and an Arrow

Version 1.0.2


Blindness Arrow - This gives Blindness II to any mob it hits! You could use this in a high-security prison! It is crafted with an Ink Sac and an Arrow and I suggest you use it on the Ender Dragon; he goes crazy

Mining Helmet - This gives you Night Vision II when you hold it so you can mine diamonds easier. It also has the ability to burn Grass and turn it into a Path Block! That's why it is in the Shovel Tab. It is crafted with a Torch and a Chain Helmet



Iron Gate - This Slab is so OP that I nearly made it uncraftable! When you step on it or destory it, you die. This is another great idea to put it in a high-security prison! It is crafted with an Iron Door and Iron Bars

Merged Armour - This is so cursed! In the hotbar it is green and when you wear it, it is Gold & Diamond Armour. Not only that but it overloads the Armor Bar if you wear the full set and it moves it! Also, Leggings are now boots. There is A LOT of cursed stuff about the armour! It is crafted by merging Gold and Diamond Armor together.                 

Uncraftable                                                                                                                                      -----------------

Redstone TNT - The reason that it is uncraftable is because it is so OP! It explodes as soon as you light it because of the Redstone Block. It deals 5-13 hearts of damage depending on where you stand

Version 1.0.3



Night Pickaxe - This Pickaxe has a 5% chance to give you Night Vision and a 0.5% chance to give you Haste. (0.01% chance of both) Keep switching tabs and then, you might just get the effect(s)! It is crafted with an Iron Pickaxe and a Torch

Squid Launcher - This item is 3D when you hold it! It launches Squids out of it. Make sure to launch them in the water though, or they will die. You can craft this with an Ink Sac and a Crossbow

 Glowstone Arrow - This arrow gives Night Vision II to anything it hits and it looks amazing! It is gold and it has some soul fire on it as well. It is crafted with Glowstone Dust and an Arrow



Netherized Table - The only table to have exclusive crafting recipes! It crafts Netherized items and they are so OP. You'll need to kill a Wither to craft it as it requires a Crafting Table and a Nether Star

Netherized Pearl - This Ender Pearl can stack up to 32, unlike regular pearls. It also is 10 times faster than normal pearl! It is crafted with an Ender Pearl and a Nether Star and it needs the Netherized Table to be crafted

  Netherized Sword/Chestplate - 2 very OP tools! The sword has 500 Attack Damage and can kill an Ender Dragon in 2 shots and the Chestplate overloads the Armour Bar. They are crafted with a Netherite Chestplate or Sword and a Nether Star and it needs the Netherized Table to be crafted. 

    VERSION 1.0.4


Biomes - That's right. I added a Merged Biome into the game. It has Basalt Deltas, Ice Spikes and many more merged to make this incredible Biome! It has lava as it's main fluid. You can find this in your infinite world!

Items - We have 4 new ingots and 1 new projectile! The ingots are crafted using a Nothing Ingot and either Coal, Emerald or Redstone. The Nothing Ingot is merged but it needs air to craft. The Lifesteal is the projectile! When you throw it, it deals 9 attack damage to anything it hits. It is crafted with a Lead and a Potion of Harming.

 Blocks - There is 1 new block and that is the Diamond Stairs! These drop diamonds when you mine them and you don't need Pickaxes to mine it. These are also useful for Diamond Builds. This is merged by putting a Diamond and Stone Stairs into a Crafting Table.

Food - Now, we have the elppA. This does the opposite effect of a normal food item as it gives you Hunger VI and the Hunger Bar goes down twice as fast as it normally does! The elppA if crafted by putting an Apple and a Dirt Block in a Crafting Table



Creeper Totem - This Totem looks just like a Creeper and you eat it! When you eat this totem, it gives you Fire Resistance, Mining Fatigue & Regeneration. It is crafted with Gunpowder and a Totem.

Dark Blade - It really is a Dark Blade as it gives you Blindness and Strength! It has 500 Durability and has a whopping 45 Attack Damage. This is a great PvP item! It is crafted by putting Redstone and a Netherite Sword into a Crafting Table.

Flaming Bow - The first Bow to be added to the mod! This has unique powers as it spawns 3 Blazes on impact, also dealing 12 Attack Damage. You need a Netherized Table to craft this. It is crafted with a Bow and a Fire Charge.

Carved Melon - When you craft it, it may seem like it isn't carved at all but when you place it down, go east and then you'll see that freaky melon face! It is a great halloween decoration. It is crafted by putting a Melon and Shears into a Crafting Table.

Really Rotten Flesh - The name speaks for itself! This Flesh is so rotten, it gives you Fatal Poison, Nausea, Hunger & Weakness when you eat it; that's disgusting! Rename it into something good and troll your friends with this item. You can craft it with Rotten Flesh and a Poisonous Potato. 

Infinity Torch - This Torch gives you Night Vision when held, which is very useful. It can also burn wood and make it into it's stripped varient, which is why it's in the Axe Tab! It is crafted using a Torch and a Soul Torch.

Feather Pickaxe - This may seen useless at first but it gives you Jump Boost & Slow Falling! It also gives you Haste I. This Pickaxe may well save you life one Minecraft day! It is crafted with a Wooden Pickaxe and a Feather.

TNT Pickaxe - This is so powerful that it has 50 Power and can explode an entire chunk! If you like destroying things in Minecraft, this is the merged item for you! It is crafted by putting a Night Pickaxe and TNT into a Crafting Table.

Sunscreen - This is basically a Fire Resistance Potion but it gives you Water Breathing as well! You can even stack it up to 64. This builds up the Summer Vibe! It is crafted with a Water Bottle and Blaze Powder.

Netherized Fishing Rod - This is too OP to craft so you just need to find it in Creative Mode! When you hold your screen, It gives you a bunch of items from Elytras to Netherite Scrap! It cannot be crafted so I can say it is a Netherite Block and a Fishing Rod merged together.

Gold Ore Apple - This is an Enchanted Golden Apple but it gives you haste for 0.01 Seconds. The reason for this is because Gold is joint with Wood for the worst durability! It is crafted by putting an Enchanted Golden Apple and Gold Ore into a Crafting Table.

Netherite TNT - Another uncraftable item! This looks like a normal Netherite Block, but it is actually TNT in disguise. You can light it with Lava or Flint & Steel and it has 25 Power. It cannot be crafted.

Dyed Fish - This is a Fish with Red Dye on it. It is similar to a normal fish but it fills up the hunger bar even at 0 hunger points! It is crafted with Raw Cod and Red Dye.

Golden Gate - This does the opposite of the Iron Gate. It gives you Gold Ingots! I suggest you make a house out of these slabs; you will be unstoppable! This is crafted by an Iron Gate and Gold Ingots.





New Items: I Have Added 6 More Items In The Remaster And They Are The Best Yet!

Nether Transporter: This spawns a flippin' Nether Portal to teleport you to the Nether dimension immediatly! It is the most overpowered item yet and is crafted with Netherrack and a Clock.

Redstone Gate: The gates are back and this time, it's a gate you can't step off! When you place it and step on it, you get FREE REDSTONE! But, if you step off of it or destroy it, you die. It is crafted with a Golden Gate and a Redstone Ingot.

POTIONS: I have 3 potions, Air Potion, Void Potion and Lapis Potion & they all give you special effects which are useful in-game. (Conduit Power etc.) They are crafted by putting either Bedrock, Nohing Ingots or Lapis in a Brewing Stand with Water Bottles.

Totem Of Soul Protection: Yep, I made the totem from Minecraft Dungeons! When you eat it, it gives you Resistance & Fire Resistance to protect you from lava and zombies! It is uncraftable at the moment as it is difficult to choose an item to merge the totem of undying with.

Mushroom Mine: This is a mob right now but it'll be craftable hopefully in V1.0.7. It shoots fireballs when you get close to it and it is basically a Silverfish and Mushrooms merged!

Enchanted Golden Carrot: THE THING WE ALL NEED! It gives you Hero Of The Village For 2 mins and helps with trading! (More effects soon!) It is crafted with a Golden Carrot and a Bottle 'o' Enchanting.

I have also remastered item uses (More info in remaster video) and added functions, easter eggs and SO MUCH MORE! Let's make this the best addon ever!

Version 1.0.9


Items - We have 2 new items in this version of Merging Items, the TNT Powder, which can make Bottle 'o' Explosives in a Brewing Stand and the Diamond Bucket, which sucks diamonds out from their ore, giving them to you and leaving the diamond ore as Nothing Ore.

Block - We have a new block, the Nothing Ore which generates in the new Nothing Biome and drops Nothing Ingots! It takes 0 seconds to mine and can also be found by sucking diamonds with a Diamond Bucket.

Biome - I added the Nothing Biome in this update where it only generates air and bedrock! It has a 0.12% chance of generating Nothing Ore.

Sapling - One of the new Merged Items is the Oceannether Sapling which adds it's own function! If you click it with bone meal, it'll turn into a Crimson and Prismarine Tree!

Food - Next up, we have the torraC! It's similar to the epplA but it gives you Wither II instead of Hunger VI and it looks like a Carrot with a noob face.

Version 1.1.1 - The Sunny Update


Weapons - I've added the Space Sword and the Sand Sword to Merging Items. The Sand Sword does 2 Attack Damage while the Space Sword is way better! It gives you levitation and it has 32 Attack Damage.

Food - I have added everyone's favourite food, Pizza! It gives you absorption II and gives you 4 Golden Hearts. You can merge the following items to get this - Bread and a Sponge Block. Then, there is the Clear Potion. It clears all of your effects!

Sapling - Next up, the Inevitable Torch! (Thanks, Toothlesslover) You may be asking, "Why is this a Sapling?" Basically, when you use Bone Meal on it, you get a full inventory of torches drop and also some torches placed down for you. You need an Infinity Torch and TNT Powder to craft this.

Projectiles - I added throwable Lightning to Merging Items. When you merge Copper Ingots and Lightning Rods, you get the item. When you throw it, it'll land with Lightning being struck on it. A great way to troll friends!


Version 1.1.4 - Time Travel


PAST VERSION - When you "Blast To The Past", you get 4 Items to try out. Instead of a deadbush, we have a Stonebush! (Birch Sapling + Stone.) When you bone meal it, it grows into a circular stone tree with birch leaves. Then, there is the Pterodactyl Sword! This gives you 25 EXTRA hearts on your health bar and it has 35 Attack Damage. Next, is the Historical Meat! This food item gives you Nausea for 5 Seconds but the only thing is, it fills your hunger bar completely. Finally there is the Stone Gem with no uses but crafted with Emeralds and Stone.

FUTURE VERSION - If you choose to play the futuristic version of 1.1.4, you get 3 items. One is the Ultragold Sword Of Undying. It gives you infinite health and has 9500 attack damage, pretty sick not gonna lie. Next we have the Hacked Travel Block which when you step on it, the day turns to night and stepping off it makes sure the night turns to day! Last but not least we have the Spider Eye Of Ender which gives you anti-gravity effects.

Version 1.1.5 - Spooky Season!


Items - I've added a new ingot to the game, Spookirite! This can create a Spooky Sword and a Spooky Shovel. The Spooky Sword has infinite durability and has 6 Attack Damage and the Spooky Shovel can break any soft block in an instant and has 2 Attack Damage. I also added a Carved Pie which gives you blindness and strength II for 30 Seconds.

Block - I added a Spookirite Table to the mod which can be used to craft ANYTHING with Spookirite and the table is crafted with Carved Pie and a Crafting Table.

Biome - There is a biome that you can find in your infinite world called the Galaxy Biome which has all of the blocks in it that resemble space and is very rarely generated!

INFO ON THE JAVA EDITION: I am now experimenting the mod on Java Edition and you can help! There is a "Java" folder in the zip file. Move the .jar file to the mods file in the .minecraft folder in appdata. Then, you can play the mod and use all of the items! (I'll update the Java Version every 3 Bedrock Updates)

Version 1.1.7 - Goodlands!


Sorry for the long wait, I have been making a big mod with PlayerOfMinecraft.

In this update, I added A Goodlands Biome, including emeralds, melon blocks and more green blocks. I have made 2 food items. The superstar gives you every effect in the game and the Great Potato gets rid of all bad effects. There is a new ender pearl that summons 3 cats on teleporting! The Good Essence is used to craft all of the items. Enjoy the update!


Version 1.0.9 And Up Also Includes:


  • A whole game dedicated to this mod! It has minigames that you can try out right now! It also has some sneaky leaks about the items in Version 1.1.0 and a cool item you can get from the Shop in the 1st Minigame for 45 points. I worked so hard on it and i would love it if you guys could click the .url in the zip file! (It's in the Game folder)
  • 5 Merging Items Skins that you can try out right now in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!


Note: If you make a video about this addon/mod on YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok or some other software, please credit me by putting the addon link in the description of your video. Thanks!                                                                               

If you like the look of this addon, how about finding out more? Here are some videos:



Added new items, biomes and foods to test out and play with!


  1. Click the link and it'll download instantly!
  2. Make sure you import all of the addons into MCPE! (Otherwise it won't work)
  3. If you want all of the versions, download the .zip file!                                                                                                                                                                   

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDWwZ7YdV_sVZ--XNW_NhQ