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Minecraft Addons

MCPE/Bedrock Potopo's Plushies - Season 3

MCPE/Bedrock Potopo's Plushies - Season 3

Plushies, plushies for everyone!

Potopo: Plushies is a addon dedicated to adding plushies. What are you waiting for?Have fun opening surprise boxes and collecting all the plushies in this addon!

Creator: Ann (Potopo)


Potopo's Plushies 

Textures improved


Potopo's Plushies adds a new block, "surprise box" when you break it you will find one of the many plushies in this AddOn.

The box randomly awards a plush toy. There are various classifications of plushies, depending on their rarity.


Surprise box:

Purple surprise box:

These boxes contain rare or better plushies.

Heroe surprise box:

These boxes contain heroes plushies. 


These boxes contain stuffed. Wandering traders can trade these boxes.


How to get them?

You can buy surprise boxes from the wandering trader for emeralds.




Box crafting:



Heroe surprise box:


Surprise box:


Purple surprise box:


Seasson 3:


Season 3 is here! We are back, and with more surprise than ever. 
To open this season I decided to create a special box. This box only drops plushies from season 3.


The launch brings with it 5 new plushies, but wait, new ones will arrive weekly.



To make the box, you need to buy the season 3 ticket from the wandering trader.
Then you combine it with stuffed.




Seasson 3:


Spider plush (common):


Ghast plush (common):


Fox plush (common):


Husk plush (common):


Drowned plush (common):


Goat plush (uncommon):


Wither plush (rare):


Axolotl in a bucket plush (wonderful):


Arctic fox plush (wonderful):


Llama plush "axolotl costume" (extraordinary):



Level Common:


Brown llama plush:


Purple llama plush:


Classic creeper plush:


Polar bear plush:




Level Uncommon:


White llama plush:



Slime plush:



Nitwit villager plush:



Hoglin plush:



Wolf plush:



Mooshroom plush:


Brown mooshroom plush:





Level Rare:


Zombie plush:




Llama enderman plush:




Llama creeper plush:





Strider plush:

This plush is immune to damage from fire, lava, and magma.



Wandering trader plush:



Trader llamas plushies:



Steve plush:



Alex plush:



Piglin zombified plush:



Level Wonderful:


Enderman plush:



Creeper plush:



Sticky Bee plush:



Zombie pigman plush:




Level Extraordinary:


Herobrine plush:



Sailor chicken plush:



Level Potopezco:


Llama Llama plush:

This plush is the hardest to get in survival.



Level Heroes:

Commissions CLOSED!


These are stuffed animals made for Potopo's heroes.


These are hard times; I love making content for the Minecraft community, but I have studies and jobs too. 

If you want to have your own soft toy in this AddOn, and you want to contribute, for just a donation of $ 8 dollars, you will be immortalized as one of the Potopo heroes.

Add me to Discord for more info: Potopo#2400



Heroe: Potopo Ann plush (Creator and developer of Potopo AddOns):



The new heroes of Potopo (Potopo Contributor):


Heroe: DAGADAX  plush:




Heroe: Arya  plush:




Heroe: Talon plush:




Heroe: King plush:




Heroe: Johnny5 plush:



Heroe: MidNight plush:


Heroe: Skammander plush:


Heroe: Ghibek jodkins plush:


Heroe: Ishigo  plush:



If you like my work and want to support me to continue with my AddOns, I would appreciate it if you would donate to me.

For more news, follow me on  https://www.facebook.com/Potopo.ann

It is prohibited to distribute and modify the AddOn

without the creator’s consent. Please don’t make your own links.



-Husk plush was added
-Drowned plush was added
-Goat plush was added
-Ishigo's hero plush was added


Activate experimental mode to enjoy the full experience.

creator: https://twitter.com/potopo_ann