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MCPE/Bedrock Hidden Item Giver

MCPE/Bedrock Hidden Item Giver

Have you ever wanted to get hidden items in vanilla without the need for a hack or world editor?

Hidden Item Giver is an add-on that allows you to get hidden items without using hacks!



STEP1: After applying the resource pack and behavior pack to the world, run "/summon hidden:item_giver" in the chat screen.

STEP2: Hold the stick.

STEP3: Right-click or hold down on the vending machine and select the item you want to get out and trade it!

You can get out various hidden items such as Nether Reactor Core, Glowing Obsidian, Old Stone Cutter, Camera, info_update, Invisible Bedrock, and more!


The name of the add-on has been changed to a more understandable name.


1:Click on the "Click here to download!" button to download and import it into Minecraft.

2:Apply the Hidden Item Giver to the world's resource pack and behavior pack (doesn't have to be the top level).